From Our Pastor

Chalice Christian Church is an extravagantly welcoming, unapologetically progressive community of people seeking God’s justice in the world.

In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus says a few different times, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” I like to think of that “at hand” part like lying in bed, all toasty and warm, and really wanting something just out of your reach. I’m one of those people who will do everything possible to avoid getting out of bed to get that thing, whatever it is and end up stretching and reaching in all sorts of ways, trying to get there. Sometimes my fingers brush that thing, but getting a good hold never does. It’s always just in reach and just out of grasp–“at hand,” if you will. The reign of God, the things that God wants for this world, are breaking in, they’re coming, but we’re still waiting. Sometimes, we’re brushing right up against those things; other times, those things of the reign of God are only a distant vision.

As church at our best, we are living in that brushing right up against the very reign of God part of “the kingdom at heaven is at hand.” I came to Chalice Christian Church in February of 2013 because we share that vision that the reign of God isn’t something we wait for but something we live into–a community that loves all our neighbors, a community that cares for the poor, a community where God’s reign is breaking in more fully each day.

This journey that Chalice and I are on together is wonderful, and crazy, and God-filled. You’re welcome to come walk with us.

peace–Rev. Abigail