From Our Pastor

Chalice Christian Church is an extravagantly welcoming, unapologetically progressive community of people seeking God’s justice in the world.

The disciples asked Jesus a simple question, and he goes on giving an answer that by the time he finishes you forgot the question. The chapter ends with the statement: “no one dared to ask him any more questions” (Mark 12:34). It seems that when we move from childhood we some times stop asking questions. Either we think we know all the answers, or we are embarrassed to admit that we do not have the answers.

Here at Chalice we believe that the “questions are as important as the answers.” In other words, our community is a safe place in which every question is important and there are no questions that cannot be asked. We may not always have an answer, but we will walk with you in the search for one. We believe this is what progressive Christianity in the 21st century is about and so you are always welcome to join us for the continuing journey of life and faith.

Pastor Vernon